Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lessons from the Lord

Throughout the course of my short life as a "teenage missionary," God has shown me many wonderful things that have allowed me to grow and become more loving, selfless, and willing to do whatever He has in store for me, no matter how challenging. Whenever I get discouraged or doubtful, the Lord whispers words of encouragement and leads me to exactly where I need to be. I am young, I don't know even a fraction of all there is to know, and I am so imperfect, but God can still use me, and these are some things that have helped me to grow and serve the Lord the way He intends me to...

*When I pray about something, it won’t always turn out the way I hope it will or expect it too. Even if I’m praying about something I know would most likely be pleasing to the Lord, sometimes, it’s not part of His perfect plan, at least not at that time.  As I pray more and grow in my faith and relationship with Christ, I understand that His will is so much better than mine, and He knows exactly what He’s doing. It gives me peace that I don’t have to worry about the future, because I know that if I lay my concerns, thoughts, and praises down at the feet of my Father, He will provide and lead the way for me. That’s what faith is all about, isn’t it? Trusting the Lord without doubting His absolute power. (It’s hard!)

*Patience! Without it, things are much more of a challenge. Christ has taught me that I need to pray and think before I make a decision, because a lot of the time, I am very hasty and I want what I want right then and there. I’ll get an idea in my head and it’s hard for me to stop and pray about it. God has shown me that patience is rewarding, and things work out better later on and with God’s guidance than they would have at the time I wanted them to.

*Honest, sincere, and pure intentions lead to success. God will stand by you and support you in whatever you are pursuing, just as long as your passion is to serve Him and not yourself. It’s easy to serve because it makes you feel like a “good person,” however the only opinion that matters is the Lord’s and He won’t be “impressed” by your good deeds if they’re selfishly executed.
Instead of getting discouraged that you can’t completely change the world and help all of the poor and struggling people, focus on what you can do. Change always starts small, but the Lord will provide and He is in control. No, you’ll never be able to feed all of the starving, provide education for all underprivileged kids, or find homes for all orphans, but with the Lord, you can do a lot. If you’re able to change even one person’s life, introduce them to the love of their Savior Jesus Christ, and love them as much as humanly possible, it’s all worth it. I often think to myself, what if everyone who is privileged sponsored a child, went on a mission trip, or reached out to someone in need? The world would be a much better place! When I think about this, the Lord reminds me that I am doing my part and that all that I can do is serve others and my God the best I can, with all my heart. God will do the rest, I have complete faith in His unimaginable power.

One of my most treasured friends from Cambodia, who God used to show me what true love is; genuine love that is selfless, pure, and grounded in Christ.

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